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Software Engineer

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About Me

Hi, my name is Erick, and I am an aspiring software developer who is currently in his 4th year of a Computer Engineering degree in The University of British Columbia expecting to graduate in May 2020.

My passions are technology and education, and I am particularly interested in the ways technology can be used to improve the latter.

Moreover, I strongly believe that many of the big social problems we are currently facing can be solved, to an extent, by providing quality education to as many individuals as possible, and that this is achievable using the connectivity and accesibility that the Internet and current technologies can provide. Ultimately, I hope one day I can make an impact in this area to change the lives of hundreds of thousands.

Some of my hobbies include playing the acoustic guitar and singing -I'm not a great singer but I make it up with my fingerstyle compositions-, being the best goalie for your soccer drop-in matches around, competitive online gaming, and just expanding my skill set with the countless learning offerings one can find online.



Software Engineering Intern (Knowledge Search)

Researched and designed a process to update a user-facing feature in Google Search.
Implemented a launch-ready solution of the above design in C++ and other technologies in the Search stack.


ASP.NET Web Developer

In charge of updating the interface of a Forestry management tool to make it more intuitive to current users.
Designing a charting feature to support an overview of complex graphs with ReactJS and React-vis.


CPEN 221 TA (Principles of Software Construction)

Taught tutorials to 2nd year Computer Engineering students regarding the Software Construction process.
Aided in grading, supporting students through office hours, and designing of assignments.

Paige Solutions

Full Stack Web Developer

Aided in the development process of a web-based legal tool in Django, while also leading the R&D required for the transition process to ASP.NET with a parallel client/server computation to support big transactions independent of the client-to-server delay.
Consistently worked in the front-end of the tool with ReactJS, supporting a complex dashboard with thousands of interconnected, in-memory, and mutable objects.

Volunteering Experience

IC-Kindness Foundation

Assistant HR Director

Isaac Center for Autism

Logistics and Instructor


University of British Columbia

September 2015 - Present

Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Computer Engineering



A location-based application to find events and people in your community for iOS and Android, with local and social authentication, chat features, search capabilities and push notifications.
The backend was developed in Django with DRF, connected to a PostgreSQL database with PostGIS for location-based functionalities.

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Created an autonomous robot that could follow a dark-marked path and avoid obstacles.
Programmed and deployed an API in Django that added automated surveillance and mapping functionalities to the robot, as well as connecting it to a Twitch channel that would stream through a camera and send simple commands received from the stream’s chat to control the robot.

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Wake up

Created a prototype website for human-based reminders, where users could set alarms that other users in the platform could fulfill, having the backend calling both users (using the Twilio API) once a request was accepted.
Completed the backend of this project in Django in 24 hours for the NwHacks Hackathon in 2017.

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Claw Gathering System

Designed a claw gathering system that would compete in a timed competition for my APSC 101 lab
Widened my experience working with Arduinos and interfacing servo motors and joysticks through breadboard circuiting.
Significantly improved my team-working and hands-on-tools skills.

Source code not available

Self-controlling Pac-Man

Programmed the AI of a Pac-Man that could win in any maze of the classical game.
Strongly improved my Python programming skills.
Increased my abilities in the Artificial Intelligence field by applying the concepts of the Online Course offered by the University of California at Berkeley.

Source code not available

Kinect Surveillance System

Built an alpha version of a motion-detecting system with night vision in C#, used for testing for my IB Extended Essay project.
Self-taught C# in a fast-paced manner for the project.
Successfully developed under the constant pressure of project deadlines.

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